Beginning Oil Painting

Recommended Supply List


Bring whatever supplies you already have. The following is a suggested list of materials. Feel free to go beyond the limits of this list, but in any case, buy professional quality paints, it makes a difference. Small tubes are fine.




¨         Burnt Sienna (essential)

¨         Alizarin Crimson (essential)

¨         Cadmium Red Light or Vermillion (optional)

¨         Raw Umber (optional)

¨         Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre (very useful)

¨         Cadmium Yellow (optional)

¨         Sap Green (optional)

¨         French Ultramarine Blue (essential)

¨         Ivory Black (optional)

¨         Titanium or Flake White (essential)


I like Winsor and Newton, Rembrandt, Williamsburg or Gamblin brands (Please don’t purchase student grade paint.)



Bring a small white canvas to class on the first day. Any size between 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14. I like a medium or fine weave linen or cotton canvas. (Stay away from super smooth canvas. The paint slips around the surface can be frustrating to work with for beginners.)


You may also like to have a canvas pad for exercises.

(make sure it says canvas pad and not canvas paper)




Filbert or Flat Bristle Brushes in various sizes #2, #4, #6 (sizes vary by manufacturer) Make sure the brush is firm enough to hold paint; you can’t put paint on well with a flimsy synthetic brush.  I also like to have some round sable brushes for details.




Trash bag (all trash must be taken home with you)

Vine charcoal (optional for drawing on canvas)


Solvent: May be labeled Oderless Mineral Spirits, Gamsol or Turpenoid (Do NOT buy the Green label Turpenoid Natural – it smells horrible and is just for cleaning brushes)




Solvent Container:  I like to use a container with a lid for transporting solvent.


Paper Towels (I like soft paper towels that don’t leave lint, like Blue Shop Towels or Viva Brand.


I like to use a glass palette with gray paper underneath when painting in my studio. But, for traveling to class I recommend using disposable gray sheets of palette paper. Gray is recommended over white to help judge colors better.

Gray pad of palette paper



Sources for materials

Jerry’s Artarama:

Art Supply Warehouse:

Dick Blick:

Silver Brush

Plaza Art Supply Store (



Adrienne Wyman Kralick